Paul Smith’s College admits international students for the August start term. 没有5月1日的最后期限. 然而, due to the time sensitivity of processing international student applications, we request that applications for admissions be sent before June 1st for the August semester. The easiest and most affordable way to apply is online. There is no application fee and you can find us on the 常见的应用程序!

一旦冰球突破mg平台收到你的申请, we will begin expecting the other documents we need to complete your application.

First-Time Freshman International Student


提交你的 官方成绩单 from high schools/secondary schools you have attended. 冰球突破mg平台将尽一切努力审核您的母语成绩单,但招生办公室保留在必要时要求提供英文翻译的权利.

  1. 文章. 250-500 words explaining why you want to study abroad. 
  2. 推荐信 are encouraged for all applications, but not required.
  3. 不需要SAT/ACT考试.
  4. If English is not your native language, you must submit an official copy of your English proficiency score.
  • TOEFL score of at least 550/79/213 (paper/internet/computer); TOEFL code 2640
  • 雅思成绩至少6分.5;
  • EIKEN - Pre-1级
  • SAT Reading and Writing Score of 500; SAT code 2640
  • 多邻国得分100分
  • IB Higher Level score of 5,6,7 or grade A or B
  • GCE or GCSE English exam grade of A or B
  • iTEP 3.8或以上


English Proficiency Test Exemptions: 如果你符合以下条件之一,你可以免除英语水平测试的要求:

  • Are a citizen of a country where English is the official (or national) language
  • 获得了美国大学的文凭吗.S. 高中
  • 在美国以外以美国教育体系为基础,以英语为主要教学语言的高中获得文凭.
  • Have earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from an accredited US college or university
  • 在美国认可的学院或大学完成了至少一年的学习(两个全日制学期)
  • 在英语为官方语言的国家的学院或大学完成了至少一年的学习(两个全日制学期).
  • 根据双方同意的文件,收到冰球突破官方平台招生办公室的豁免书.

External Secondary School Examinations

国际申请人必须提交外部考试成绩,表明他们完成了中学课程,并表明他们有资格进入大学学习. Paul Smith’s College accepts a range of tests that are standard in applicants’ native countries. 这类测试的例子包括:

  • 加入
  • Cambridge Examinations (A Level, AS Level, O Level)
  • 中国高等教育入学考试(高考)或高中学业水平考试(学艺水平考试)
  • 国际学士学位
  • West African Examinations Council Exams

Examination results must be verified by the individual examination authority. 例如, Chinese credentials must be verified by the CDGDC; GCE exams taken in India must be verified by the Indian School Certificate Examinations; and students in Ghana, 尼日利亚, 利比里亚, 塞拉利昂和冈比亚的证书必须经过西非考试委员会的认证.



If you attended a college or university after you graduated from secondary school/high school, please apply as an international transfer student. 任何曾经就读于其他高等教育机构的学生都不能作为新生申请.

Transfer students may apply to enter in the August OR January start term. 

  1. 英语语言能力:国际学生必须通过托福/雅思/多邻国证明他们的英语语言能力,除非他们连续一年在美国上大学.
  2. 将所有以前就读的大学的正式成绩单直接发送到保罗史密斯的招生办公室. For any university not in the United States, we require a course-by-course evaluation, 以你为代价. We require the course-by-course evaluation provided by 世界教育服务(WES).
  3. A letter of recommendation and essay are not required but suggested for optimal consideration.

一旦你的申请完成,你通常会在两周内知道录取决定. 提交你的 application, official transcripts, and English proficiency scores to:

Paul Smith’s College Office of 招生

P.O. 265箱

保罗·史密斯,NY 12970 USA.


冰球突破mg平台将接受非正式的电子邮件文件副本用于入学目的,但如果您选择参加,则需要正式邮寄副本. 请将文件电邮至 jrossi@cly80.com.


冰球突破官方平台将在收到并审查以下所需文件后,向被录取的国际学生签发I-20. I-20是在大使馆或领事馆预约学生签证所需的文件,也是F-1学生签证流程的第一步.

​​1. Passport: ​Submit a copy or scan of the photo identity page of your passport.

  1. 财务状况证明:提交一份完整的财务证明表格以及过去六个月内的证明文件,证明有足够的资金支付第一年的学习. Supporting documents include a bank statement or letter from the bank.

Transfer-in form: If transferring from a U.S. 请与您当前大学的国际学生顾问一起填写转学表. Your advisor should email the completed form to jrossi@cly80.com.

Acceptable evidence of financial support

  • Bank statements indicating required currency amount in liquid asset form (cash deposits, 存单, 储蓄账户)
  • 表明流动资产的投资报表(提交的文件需要包括资金流动性和现金退让值的明确证据)
  • 商业银行账户需要包括一封公司抬头的信件,说明财务担保人对所引用的账户具有签署权.
  • 奖学金的信件
  • 信贷额度
  • 政府的资助


  • 特许会计师报表
  • 工资报表/预期收入
  • 税务报表
  • 房地产评估
  • Statements regarding property, jewelry, cars, and other non-liquid assets
  • Bank statements lacking currency amounts
  • 保险政策
  • Other statements of non-liquid assets
  • Business named bank account without signatory verification

How to Pay for Express Mail Service of your I-20 – Use eShipGlobal

“eShipGlobal” is an online service that allows students to easily pay for Express Mail with a credit card (Visa, 万事达卡, 或只发现卡片). Do not request delivery through the FedEx or DHL websites. All Express Mail-related communication will be handled by the eShipGlobal service. To pay for Express Mail delivery through eShipGlobal, follow these instructions:

  1. http://study.eshipglobal.Com(链接是外部的)(works best with Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox浏览器).
  2. Click on “Sign up” under the Students section.
  3. Register for an account by completing the online form. 知道学生的名字吗, 邮寄地址, 电子邮件地址, 电话号码, 信用卡资料准备好了.
  4. 冰球突破官方平台国际招生办公室将收到EShipGlobal的电子邮件确认,并附上您的邮寄标签,并将在收到文件的24小时内发送.

If you have any difficulties, please use the “帮助(外部链接)” link on the eShipGlobal site to access their step-by-step instructions. 保罗·史密斯学院国际办公室无法解决与eShipGlobal服务相关的技术问题.

学费 and Scholarship Opportunities


  • 学费 & 费用                     $ 31080年.00
  • 住房 & 膳食计划13420美元.00
  • Direct Cost Total:              $44,500.00


  • Personal Expenses               $1,562.00
  • Books                                    $1,000.00
  • Health Insurance                   $2,000.00
  • Transportation                       $1,939.00
  • Indirect Cost Total               $6,501.00



All accepted international students are guaranteed a scholarship of $10,000-$19,000 per year based on high school/secondary school grades. There is no separate application process. Scholarship amounts will be included with your offer letter. 一旦您被录取,冰球突破mg平台将提供额外的基于需求的经济援助,作为单独申请过程的一部分. These awards are typically between $3,000-$6,000 per year. 


  • 卓越3.0-4.0   $11,000
  • 成就2.5-2.99  $8,000
  • 识别2.0-2.49   $6,000

冰球突破官方平台荣幸地与马萨诸塞州国际语言学院(ILI)合作. ILI提供在线和面对面的英语水平课程,为您在冰球突破官方平台的大学水平课程做准备. Work directly with ILI or we can connect you with their team! Complete your English language courses and transfer to Paul Smith’s College as a full time student. 你的大学之旅从这里开始!

ILI is located in beautiful downtown Northampton, Massachusetts. ILI is celebrating 35 years of excellence in teaching languages and training teachers. This boutique language school offers skilled instructors, 小型的以学生为中心的英语课程和住宿,与精心挑选的社区成员住在步行距离内或从学校乘坐短途巴士. The school offers online and on campus Intensive English and Teacher Training Certificate Programs. 北安普顿是一个文化丰富的大学城,有4所学院和一所主要大学,距离学校15公里. Students have  access to world class libraries, 博物馆, film festivals and great restaurants all in a wonderful and safe New England town, only a few hours from Boston and New York City. 欲知详情,请浏览 www.伊犁.edu.



国际伙伴帮助国际学生根据他们的需要在冰球突破官方平台过渡和体验, 文化背景, 和信仰.